Diamond offers the best solutions in the refrigeration sector, with equipment to suit all needs and expectations.

Whether you are a professional in the catering, pastry, ice cream, pizza or take-away business, ... You will find the right equipment! Here are 5 criteria to make your choice:


1. The operating temperature:

Positive cold: Allows food to be preserved and slows down microbial growth. The temperature is set between 2°C and 8°C.

Negative cold: Allows the freezing and storage of frozen and deep-frozen foods. It is a cold whose temperature is lower than -2°C and can go down to -30°C.


2. The type of cold generated:

With static cold, the air circulates freely through the refrigerator. With static cold, food is preserved without drying out and the temperature is lower than with ventilated versions.
The ventilated cold, thanks to a fan, allows a better diffusion of the cold in the cabinet, the conservation of food is optimal, promises a conservation time of food three times longer.
Ideal for intensive use.


3. Capacity:

The capacity of our cabinets can go from 400 L to 2500 L, the right choice will have to take into account the quantity of products to be stored but also the type of grid used Euronorm 600/400, 600/800 or Gastronorm GN1/1 or GN2/1.


4. The climate class:

The climate class corresponds to the thermometric conditions of the refrigeration appliance design. Your choice must be made according to the temperature of the room or kitchen where your refrigerator or freezer cabinet will be located.

  • Class 1: 16°C - 80% humidity
  • Class 2: 22°C - 85% humidity
  • Class 3: 25°C - 60% humidity
  • Class 4: 30°C - 55% humidity
  • Class 5: 40°C - 40% humidity
  • Class 6: 27°C - 70% humidity


5. Energy class:

The choice of energy consumption is an important factor. The more efficient climate classes require a higher investment, but you will save money in terms of energy consumption.


You now have all the information you need to make the best choice.

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