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"Full-Hygiene". Baskets 500x500 mm. Height of plates load Ø 350 mm (height glasses 320 mm). From 30 to 20 baskets/hour, PLD cycle 120'', 180'', continuously or ''Sanitization''. 3 phases: wash, unload, rinse.
Manufacturer: DIAMOND
Available in:
2-3 days
Dimensions (mm):
575 x 605 x 820
Power (kW):
Weight (kg):
Power supply:
400-230/3N 50Hz
Volume (m3):
Base price 2429,90 €
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Sales price 2940,18 €
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Product description


  • "Full-Hygiene"
  • Baskets  500x500 mm.
  • Height of plates load Ø 350 mm (height glasses 320 mm).
  • From 30 to 20 baskets/hour, PLD cycle 120'', 180'', continuously or ''Sanitization''.
  • 3 phases: wash, unload, rinse.
  • Standard discharge pump.
  • Standard rinse pump (atmospheric boiler).
  • Realization :entirely in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Rotating washing and rinsing arms (upper and lower) (made of composite material).
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • Tank (20 lt - 2,1 kW) with rounded edges, "deep-drawn" bottom.
  • Stamped basket slides, no roughness and no limestone incrustation.
  • Integral" vat filter (made of composit material).
  • Patented" pump filter to keep the washing water longer and at the right temperature.
  • Stamped double-walled door, removable door seal, stamped handle.
  • Adjustable cylinders.
  • Removable control panel for easy after-sales service.
  • Automatic water discharge function integrated in the control panel (no need to remove the bung manually).
  • Automatic filling of the tank.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Hot water rinse (water consumption per cycle 2.4 liters), stainless steel boiler (6 lt - 4.9 kW).
  • Possibility to regulate the temperature of the tank and the boiler.
  • High efficiency washing pump (double flow) guaranteeing significant energy savings. Microswitch to stop the cycle when the door is opened.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • Included: 2 baskets, 1 cup, water connection and drain hoses.


  • "Peristaltic" dispenser of rinse product and "peristaltic" liquid detergent dispenser supplied as standard.
  • CSD Digital control panel (soft touch).
  • EED energy saver.
  • TCD Device which permits to rinse at 85°C.
  • DRD Accelerated preheating phase.
  • DID Auto diagnostic in case of failure.
  • ADD Temperature display of the tank and boiler (HACCP standards).
  • DDD partial tank emptying, bottom discharge of the tank.
  • CID Door with automatic closure "soft contact" (partial opening for steam removal).
  • RGD Rinse at constant temperature, stable pressure.
  • BDT  "Break tank" anti-pollution device AB type.
  • CAD self-cleaning cycle (100% automatic).
  • NB: The machines are guaranteed for use with "osmosis" water.
Since the "COVID-19" period, hygiene has taken an even more important place in our lives. This new sanitation program offers an additional guarantee thanks to a thermal disinfection phase during which the dishes are brought to a temperature of over 70 °C and remain there for a sufficient time to reach an A0 lethality index of over 30 (sanitary standard EN 15883). This standard guarantees the elimination of certain classes of germs and bacteria. This "A0" value can be set as required and the cycle time is automatically adjusted accordingly. The level of hygiene achieved with this cycle is therefore much higher than that which a traditional washing cycle can offer.
The "break tank" is an AB type "anti-pollution" device (UK standards) 1) It prevents the tank water (with detergents) to flow back into the distribution system 2) Its pump guarantees a constant pressure during the whole rinsing, the drying and hygiene are guaranteed by a T° of 85°C... until the last drop of water!
Latest generation machines, cutting-edge technologies that respect the planet, low energy, water and detergent consumption, thanks to a more contained tank and its "patented" filter that keeps the washing water at the right temperature, as well as a high-efficiency washing pump (double flow).


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