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REFRIGERATED BASE 6x1/2 DRAWERS GN1/1- h 100 mm N77/R316G-R26

REFRIGERATED BASE  6x1/2 DRAWERS GN1/1- h 100 mm    N77/R316G-R26REFRIGERATED BASE 6x1/2 DRAWERS GN1/1- h 100 mm N77/R316G-R26
Refrigerated expansion R290 by capillary.6 drawers version GN 1/1 (maximum height 100 mm)2 ventilated evaporators "treaty".6 adjustable stainless steel feet. Gastro Line Plus..
Dimensions (mm):
Temperature (°C):
-2° +8°
Power (kW):
Weight (kg):
Power supply:
230/1N 50Hz
Volume (m3):
Available in:
2-3 days
Base price 2455,00 €
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 2946,00 €
Total discount:
Price / kg:
Product description

REFRIGERATED BASE  6x1/2 DRAWERS GN1/1- h 100 mm    N77/R316G-R26

  • 6 drawers version GN 1/1 (maximum height 100 mm).
  • 2 ventilated evaporators "treaty".
  • 6 adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Inside and outside (top included) manufactured in stainless steel AISI 441 (also the back).
  • Stamped interior bottom, rounded angles and corners (without roughness).
  • Drawers with ergonomic handle, on telescopic slides, "snap-fit" closure by magnetic joint (easy replacement without tools).
  • Tropicalized compressor group (ambient T° +43°C), built-in the (right) board, ventilated condessor.
  • Frontal accessibility of the compressor group, easy inspection.
  • Over-sized evaporator(s), ventilated or static (87% of relative humidity), placed between the doors.
  • Refrigerated expansion R290 by capillary.
  • Electronic regulator (under closed box, waterprooft), control front screen with blue LED.
  • Automatic defrosting of the evaporator, number of defrosting programmed by factory (modifiable at will).
  • Condenser's automatic evaporation.
  • Polyurethane insulation without CFC (50 mm).
  • The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.
  • Bases with drawers on telescopic slides.
  • Evaporator treated against the salt and the food acids "coating".
  • Electronic regulator (under closed box, waterproof).
  • Energy Class C : very important, counters "HEAVY DUTY" certified in climatic class 5 "40°C Temperature - 40% Humidity".



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