Water softener continuously, incorporated. Height of plates load Ø 350 mm (height glasses 320 mm). From 60 to 24 baskets/hour, PLD cycle 60", 110", 150" or continuously.
Manufacturer: DIAMOND
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2-3 days
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400-230/3N 50Hz
len 1 ks
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Product description


- Water softener continuously, incorporated
- Height of plates load Ø 350 mm (height glasses 320 mm).
- From 60 to 24 baskets/hour, PLD cycle 60", 110", 150" or continuously.
- 3 phases: wash, unload, rinse.
- Standard discharge pump.
- Standard rinse pump (atmospheric boiler).

Realization: fully manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304. Rotating wash and rinse arm (composite). Tank's filter (composite) (15 lt - 2,1 kW). Moulded polypropylene wash chamber, with external pipes. Pump filter in polypropylene. Wash pump (double flux) 0,63 Hp (230V/1). Door with double pressed skin, smooth open/close system thanks to counter balancing, waterproof sealed door, stamped door handle. Adjustable stainless steel feet. Removable control panel for easy maintenance.

- Tank with automatic refill. Check valve. Hot water rinse (water consumption per cycle 2,7 liters), stainless steel boiler (6 lt - 4,9 kW). Possibility of regulate the tank's and boiler's temperature. Micro switch, to stop the machine when the door opens. Safety thermostat. Standard: 2 baskets, 1 goblet, connection for the water pipe and drainage.

ADVANTAGE - Continuous Water Softener :
- The softener continuously, constantly keeps softened water, regardless of the number of wash cycles, for perfect results and offers the advantage of not having to stop the dishwasher to allow the regeneration of resins during the micro-interruptions wash cycle used to regenerate the resins, while continuing to wash!

The "break tank" is an AB type "anti-pollution" device (UK standards) 1) It prevents the tank water (with detergents) to flow back into the distribution system 2) Its pump guarantees a constant pressure during the whole rinsing, the drying and hygiene are guaranteed by a T° of 85°C... until the last drop of water!

- "Peristaltic" dispenser of rinse product supplied as standard.
- On request: "peristaltic" dosing kit of liquid detergent and drain pump kit.
- CSD digital control panel (soft touch).
- EED energy saving.
- TCD thermostat control for a final rinse at 85 ° C
- DRD accelerated preheating phase.
- DID automatic diagnostic in case of problems.
- ADD display of boiler and tank temperature (HACCP conform)
- DDD partial draining of the tank, evacuation by the bottom of the tank.
- RGD Constant rinsing T° of 85°C, stable pressure.
- BTD "Break Tank" anti-pollution device, AB type.
- CAD cycle auto-cleaning.
- NB: The machines are guaranteed for use with "osmosis" water.

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