The company il CLIENTE s.r.o., Na Folimance 2155/15, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2, ID:11865334, registered in the Business Register of Praha, is an operator of this website and a Seller.

These Business Conditions govern the relationships between the Seller,  il CLIENTE s.r.o. (herein referred to as "Seller"), and the Buyer and all deliveries of goods and services provided within the validity period of the Business Conditions are subject to these conditions.  


Purchase Order

The Purchase Order can be delivered by e-mail or by post. It is necessary to fulfil the Purchase Order in a correct manner, to specify all truthful invoice information about the Buyer - the address and way of delivery as well as the name, quantity and catalogue number of the ordered goods. If the way of delivery is not specified, your Purchase Order shall not be processed. The Purchase Order shall be confirmed to the Buyer within one working day from its receipt and only by e-mail. 


Ordering of Products

If you want to purchase a product, click on a marked image "put into basket", then the product is put into basket, you fulfil the form and can continue the shopping. After binding confirmation of the Order you shall receive the Order Confirmation on your e-mail address.


Order Cancellation

If you decide to cancel your Order that has not yet been confirmed, contact us as soon as possible and remember to specify the Order Number.

We reserve the right to cancel your Order for a product that we are not able to deliver due to its sell-out or price that is specified in our e-shop, unless we agree on an alternative solution. (Of course, the relevant alternative of the ordered product shall be offered.) We shall inform you immediately about cancellation of your Order in a written form or by phone. In case you have already paid for the product, the money shall be returned to your account within seven working days, unless otherwise agreed.


Delivery and Payment Conditions

The delivery date for the product is 7 - 10 working days after the settlement of the invoice. The delivery date for a certain kind of goods and atypical stainless furniture is 2 - 3 weeks. The Orders are processed regularly throughout a day.

The Seller shall not guarantee the prolongation of the delivery date due to force majeure.

Payment Method for Delivery of Goods

- Cash on delivery - goods up to 300€

- By courier in Slovakia - advance payment

- With deliveries for more than 4.500 € up to 300 kg, free shipping (only in Slovakia)


The transfer is made after the invoice is issued in the prices valid at the invoice day. Consecutively the invoice shall be sent to you by e-mail. The invoicing is made daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. If order is made after 7:00 pm, you will be sent the invoice the next day. 

If you choose cash on delivery, the invoice is sent together with the delivery order and Certificate of Warranty, if appropriate by Slovak Post.

All goods remain the property of the Seller until fully paid.

We are not the VAT-payers.


Postage rates and others

The Delivery Fee is added to the Product price, except purchase of the goods for more then 4.500 € up to 300 kg. The Delivery Price shall be individually agreed with the Buyer.

Seller shall not bear liability for:

- Late delivery of goods due to carrier, i.e. either Courier or Post

- Late delivery of goods due to wrongly specified address of the Buyer - Recipient 

- Damage of goods due to carrier, i.e. either Courier or Post

  The product with visible damage shall not be taken over.



The warranty period for new product is 12 months starting from the day the Client – Buyer takes the product over, unless otherwise agreed. For used goods no warranty is provided. 

The installation and the assembly of product can only be done by a qualified professional. The repair of the product directly at the Buyer’s location is provided only in cases the equipment requires professional installation. In all other cases it is necessary to deliver or send the relevant claimed product at Buyer's expenses to a given Seller's address.


After-guarantee service is provided only after the mutual agreement.

For the guarantee to be accepted it is necessary to submit the original of the invoice, Certificate of Warranty, delivery order and the proof of payment.

The warranty period is specified in the Certificate of Warranty or in the invoice; whereas it starts the day the product is sold.

The warranty shall not apply to defects incurred due to improper installation; self-supporting assembly; improper storage; damage due to neglecting the regular maintenance; repairs or linkage of the product made by non-authorised persons; due to improper treatment that is in contradiction with the Service Instructions as well as the damages incurred at the delivery after the product has been taken over by the Buyer or its Carrier; and the damages incurred by regular wearing and consumption e.g. light bulb, rubber sealing, plastic components etc.; the manufacturing number or the guarantee seal of the goods/instrument was damaged; possible malfunctions or flaws in Client's electric installations, gas distribution, water and waste pipelines; the defect incurred due to inadmissible intervention into the product; the product was installed in conflict with the User's Manual; and the product was mechanically damaged.

In case a manufacturing defect is detected, the product shall be changed piece for piece or the money shall be returned. The returned sum of money is without the postal and packing charges.


Complaint conditions

Client - Buyer shall be obliged to carefully examine the delivered product and immediately inform the Seller about the detected defects. The Buyer shall exercise the authorised complaint either in writing or by e-mail directly at the Internet shop Operator - EU PasTels, s.r.o. registered seat Lidická 700/19, Veveří, 602 00 Brno.

The Complaint must include following information:

- Designation and type of claimed goods
- Description of defect - reason for the complaint 
- Document about the goods ownership - invoice

Transport costs shall be borne by the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed. In the complaint process the Buyer shall also be obliged to present the defective product including its accessories.

The Complaint shall be registered and so called Notification on Complaint shall be sent to the Buyer in writing within three working days and Complaint Status Notice within 30 (thirty) days from the day the Complaint was received. The time necessary for a technical evaluation of a defect is not included in this time period.

The Complaint shall not be acknowledged if:

- Defect or deterioration of the product incurred due to provable wrong usage of the goods (e.g. used in contradiction with the User Manual; at wrong electric tension or connection to a non-authorised electric power supply) or other wrong usage by the Buyer or other person,

- Provable non-authorised intervention to the product,

- If the information in the submitted Certificate of Warranty have been obviously changed without authorisation or the product has different manufacturing number than the number stated in the Certificate of Warranty,

- Due to disasters and other external factors that are in contradiction with the product usage.

The Buyer is obliged to take the product from the warranty repair at latest one month from the termination of period the warranty repair should have been done, and if done later, within one month from the notice that the repair has been done.

Act No. 250/2007 Coll. on Consumer Protection


Protection Policy

Your personal data shall be processed in compliance with the valid legal regulations.

By providing the specified personal data (name, address, telephone) you express your consent to use your information by our company, EU PasTels, s.r.o. in order to provide services and products.

Your data shall not be provided to a third person, except the processors we shall authorise to process these data. The data necessary for the right delivery of goods shall be passed on to the contractual carrier (name, address, telephone number).

You can withdraw you consent any time using any of our contacts.

You can update your personal data if you are registered as a Buyer directly on-line on the website of our Internet Shop immediately after the log-in.

Final provisions

All legal relations between the Provider/Seller and Client/Buyer are governed by the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.

The General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 1st May 2012.

Bratislava, 1st May 2012